UNSEEN FOOTAGE Of Lebron James Crying After JR Smith’s Mistake In Game 1

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UNSEEN FOOTAGE Of Lebron James Crying After JR Smith’s Mistake In Game 1

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Philippines YouTube channel

Lazada Philippines

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    UNSEEN FOOTAGE Of Lebron James Crying After JR Smith’s Mistake In Game 1

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    1. Lebron is really a feminine inside, drama queen, you cry outside not on the court, you got an OT, shit happens, you carry your team foward that what a leader would do, thats what a father would for his family, you just lucky wade, ray allen and kyrie was there to catch you when your collapsing, without them your worthless.

    2. If it was KOBE he'd be mad but still motivate his teammates. Lebron is shocked af and made his teammates morale even worst. Differences between a competitor and what you call KING

    3. To anybody saying he's a bad leader…

      He gives 48 mins of literally everything he has mentally, physically and emotionally. A virtuoso performance. Only to watch all the hard work snatched out like a rug because of circumstances beyond his control. The man is Human and in that moment, we all knew it. That for one of the few times in his career… he was defeated. There's no "coming back" no "rallying the troops" sometimes all you give is all you got. And he gave us enough to win, the rest of the team didn't though. Hindsight is 20/20, but nobody here can comprehend the mans pain in that moment. To expect him to do anymore is absurd.

    4. Golden state fans ako..pero ng mapanood ko video na to,naawa tlga ako kay lebron..Go (LBJ King)kaya mo yan,ipakita mo sa GSW ko na kayang kaya mo sila..ikaw tlga ang GOAT lodi😎😄

    5. Looking at this LeBron is not just pissed at JR Smith but also Tyron Lue. When he asked, "We didn't have any more timeouts?" Ty Lue probably said one which they did have 1 and he as a coach didn't know to call timeout and wasn't prepared to. But Steve Kerr did and if they got the ball Kerr directed his team to call a timeout. So not only is everything against him he can't even depend on his Coach. #damn

    6. He was mad because he tried calling timeout but the refs ignored it I’m assuming Coach Lue told him it was 1 left and that was his reaction

    7. Not a fan of him or the cavs but the look on Lebron's face upon knowing that they do have a timeout and the fact that JR Smith can putback the ball, man it's heartbreaking to see a man does almost everything and lose because of that dumb mistake by your team mate. 😞

    8. once u losee mentally everything else its over..instead of motivatiing n givin each other a charge they let their psyche break so u see the results..nobody is using that to fuel the fire n you see what hapens after that ..gotta be mentallly strong the fact they wasnt communicating ..charging each othe rup cuz u still got ab extra quarter to grte the job done but dam this moment defines the series now its 2-0 i wont count em out its jus tuff when u hav no help pooor lebron ballin his ass n life off…u can not blame em cuz hes the main reason why they r there despite the year they had

    9. He actually handled it pretty well from what I saw, so frustrated and pissed, you want to wring the mofo neck but just sit in silence. He was PISSED at Lue for not calling a Timeout, that's the coaches job in that situation. I'm not making any excuses for Smith, but why is George Hill getting a "pass." Make the 2nd Free Throw. They call em "free" for a reason…as in free pts. We're seeing the last days of Bron in a Cavs uni…next stop is in Philly with Kawhi and they will win a couple rings together. Heard it here first.

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