Stephen A. goes off on JR Smith: It’s hard to find words I can say on the air | SC with SVP | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt and goes off on the late mistake made by JR Smith in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ loss to the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals.


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Stephen A. goes off on JR Smith: It's hard to find words I can say on the air | SC with SVP | ESPN

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    Stephen A. goes off on JR Smith: It’s hard to find words I can say on the air | SC with SVP | ESPN

    Comments 47

    1. This is what hapens when dumbass with IQ 55 has a ball in his hand at the end…..this is not first game he ruined at the finish!!!JR please, just shoot the fuckin ball dont do anythinh else….

    2. I might have done exactly the same thing as JR did. Poor concentration. He knew the game was tied, he just forgot what to do because Curry, Thompson, Green and Kevin Durant always put the "fear of God" into their opponents. That's all what happened. No one is perfect.

    3. stephen a said it, this series is over jr smith made the biggest blunder disaster in nba history that mistake cost the cavs the series that did them in, lebron is like a lebron i have never seen before in the post game interviews hes angry inside my dude frustration like no other the cavs had the win but because of jr mistake they lose in 5 where i had cleveland winning in 6, have a great day everybody and if anyone in cleveland knows where jr lives go tp his house lol

    4. The whole sequence never should've happened because Lebron should've never passed it to Hill in the 1st's the finals, it's your team, you're the King, you've already scored 50, and with seconds left you wanna pass it to George Hill who ain't did shit all night!! Scared of the moment King!

    5. Stephen A should pls shut tf up! If he gets on that court, he can't do half of what those players are doing. Sometimes one gets caught in the moment and makes mistakes. I swear Lebron is just looking for who to blame right now. If he was that good as he claims to be then why is he so pissed that JR ran the clock. He obviously knew warriors are tough to deal with and he is scared because anything could happen in Game 2, warriors might even take the win again. He had overtime to prove that cavs were the best and yet warriors showed them that they are the best and play as a team not the cavs that everything they do has to rely on Lebron. He's acting like a pussy right now looking for who to blame. He wants EASY WIN. If he was that good, then why didn't they win in overtime smh.

    6. I seen Hills eye's on that free throw he didn't want no part in that short shot. Even if Jr. Smith knew the score KD was their for the block at 7 foot leaper. No way Smith gets a shot off clean as coach Lou stated. Look at the replay when Smith's was spectacular effort rebound over KD . his only opening was going toward the wrong direction of the basket that he took. Someone else on the Cav's should of called time out instead of watched him trying to kill the clock. Everyone was at fault especially the referee's on the missed calls is the story. ESPN SAS your a Cavs hater end of story .Bron had the game in the bag too until the ref's reached into the bag over turning by video 1 min.30 sec, in game calls block on James. It never happen before so way now is the question. NBA Referee's Rigged game for Warriors to win chip game 1.

    7. KD had the best +/- in the game by far. It has to mean something, otherwise let's delete all stats and let's record only… points.

    8. HE rebounds the ball, he should pump fake to throw KD off and then WIN the game for the Cavs because he is under the basket when he catch the ball but instead he runs away from the basket to the half court to run the clock down. #ThisIsHilarious Anybody that believes he knew the score must be drunk! He clearly did not know the score, he thought they were up by 1 Point. #LebronsExpressionTellsItAll

    9. Crashing into Klay's legs was the first time JR did something dumb. LeBron did LeBron at Oracle. KD was MIA. Lebron's face as JR took the ball out on that play was priceless. Tristan hitting Draymond in the face with a basketball and his hand was uncalled for. Tristan had gotten the T for whatever the ref saw with his elbow on Livingston shooting the ball. Tristan and Lebron looked liked two SUVs sandwiching a Smart car when they stopped Curry's shot. Lebron and Steph are jawing at each other. No biggie. Lebron crowing because he blocked a shot. The other fellas should have stayed out of it.

    10. JR Smith:has been hot garbage for 2 if not 3 years now. That will go down as one of the top 5 dumb players in finals history. Made by a thief making 14 mil a year for the 6ppg he has averaged. Utter thievery.

    11. For you young’ins out there type Nick Anderson free throws into the YouTube bar. Much worse than George Hill and probably on par with JR Smith and he will be remembered should they go on to lose.

    12. Leave Cleveland Lebron. This was more than embarrassing. Though none of it should have even happened with back to back TRASH calls by refs even before overturning a clear offensive foul. I am not even a fan of cavs but this was their game. And by that I mean this was Lebron's game.
      Go to Houston man!

    13. FUCK those refs!!! you ruined how the game of basketball should have been officiated.this may could have been the best game of the series with the best player in the world today at his best carrying his team should have have won the game.really? reviewing a foul?tangna nyo ref!you too green.youre just good in trash talking but youre a trash.youre just a fucking hypeman in the court.

    14. I mean I'm not even worrying about the overturned call but that called on G. Hill where he hit the ball out of KD hands and refs call fouls, I knew from that moment the Cavs lost

    15. I have never been a LeBron James fan. As time goes on and I see and really have begun to appreciate and respect what LeBron can do and continues to do time and time again, impressive to say the least. He literally had one of the best games ever in a finals. When you look at it now he ain't playing teams with injuries or young inexperienced teams whatever excuses anyone wants to say about him in getting back to the finals this year. Now he is up against Golden State, a super team where to me none of these games should really even be a contest. G.S. at home against this Cavs team should be a blow out, but then there's LeBron who single handedly almost beat this mighty machine of possibly the greatest team ever assembled. What more could the man do? For crying out loud he had the game won and then the refs reversing a clear call against him is just sad. Talk about robbery! I guess LeBron is going to have to score 100 points a game and even then with the refs against him even that might not be enough. That loss and who will ever forget J.R.'s fuck up, ain't no other way to put it. Missed free throw, Smith gets the offensive rebound, easy lay up and that probably would have been game, everyone would have forgot the outrageous call reversal and the talk would be today on one of the best finals performances ever. Instead Smith not knowing the score, I mean WTFtotally unbelievable and inexcusable. I can't help but honestly feel sorry for LeBron, what more can they ask from him. Talk about being calm and collected, Smith is lucky LeBron didn't punch him in the face for ruining such a performance where LeBron dominated the Warriors all by himself, now that's saying a lot being who the warriors are and the amount of talent especially at home that they display. As for LeBron, just a little help he has to be thinking, just a little. I mean the disbelief on his face after what Smith did along with all the anger he had to be feeling which he did express after the game. Golden State knows they got away with one here because of a total robbery on the refs part, and one of the biggest chokes by a player in all of sports. Then he couldn't even own up to it making him look even more like a fool than what he already is. This one will rank up there in sports history as one of the biggest fuck ups ever, right up there with Bill BucknerLetting the ball go between his legs in the 86 world series that cost Boston the series. Right up there with Scott NorwoodsImfamous missed field goal 19 yards out against the Giants costing the Bills the Super Bowl. This is right up there. Like I said I've never been a LeBron fan and dislike people who jump from one team being their favorite, then their on the bandwagon for the next great team that comes around. I have always stuck to my teams that I had since I was a kid. Celtic's, 49ers, Cubs, Rangers in hockey, a true fan rides out the bad times with his teams and when they become great again, victory is so great like the cubs finally pulling it together after 108years and winning it all, it just makes it all that much sweeter. As for the true GSWfansThat have been a true fan to that team who sucked for so many years, it's got to make some of them a little pissedOff as suddenly the Warriors have always been so many people's favorite team since as far back as they can remember, it's pitiful in my opinion. Anyway I have ranted on long enough, but if you come across this post, let me know what you think about some of the points I made and whether or not you agree or disagree.

    16. JR & Hill  Blew it! Nuff Said.. on another note*  that was one of the worst officiated games I've seen in a while.. Ref's were TERRIBLE the entire game.

    17. Okay, but-weren't there 2 seconds left on the clock when Smith got the rebound? Even if his dumbass wasn't confused, the odds he or someone on the team would've scored within those 2 seconds to break the tie are relatively low-no?

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