JR Smith Explains WHAT HAPPENED At The End Of Game 1 Of NBA Finals: “I KNEW THE GAME THE WAS TIED”?

JR Smith says he knew the game was tied at the end of regulation after Jr smith got a rebound. Was preparing for a timeout. JR Smith says he knew the game was tied at the end of regulation. Was preparing for a timeout. JR Smith Speaks On Final Play Meltdown in game 1 of the NBA finals. LeBron James & the Cavs Looks Upset Walking Back to The Locker Room after game 1 of the NBA finals. J.R. Smith loses track of score at crucial moment of Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA Finals Game 1 loss. J.R. Smith’s dumb play ruins LeBron’s heroics as Cavaliers drop Game 1.


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JR Smith Explains End Of Game 1 Of NBA Finals, I KNEW THE GAME THE WAS TIED. I was trying to call timeout.

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JR Smith Explains WHAT HAPPENED At The End Of Game 1 Of NBA Finals:

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    JR Smith Explains WHAT HAPPENED At The End Of Game 1 Of NBA Finals: “I KNEW THE GAME THE WAS TIED”?

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    1. Que mala suerte han tenido los cavs, tenian el partido cuando juegan contra curry,kd,kt. 3 allstar. Me da rabia por green ese tipo es patetico. Quiero que pierdan warrior xq no soporto a ese tipo. Aunque me gustaria que fuera boston los que le ganaran

    2. Jr. Just got caught up in a lie he definitely during the game said I thought we were Up so don't lie and say you did know that the game was tied when you thought you were upClearly by your mouth no Homo

    3. Jr is rigged fuck man y do you all ha 2 do hard working lebron like that?This man always fighting at his best & it's just a let down thing with this Cavs team dreads.I hope he leaves & can find a team of his type of tempo along with players who r hungry 4 rings.

    4. If you look clearly on the play… that was jr smith fault… he got the rebound.. and he didnt put back the ball to the rim.. lebron clearly pointing to him to put shot the ball after he got the rebound

    5. Maybe if he laid off the henny shots and weed during half time then he would've been fully aware of the score and pull a clutch contested fade away at the end for the win

    6. This Boy JR Need His Ass Kicked!! Clarkson Is Trash, Kevin Love Weak As Shit, Labron You Have To Leave This Team!! You Scored 51 + Points And You Loose!! LEAVE CLEVELAND!!👑

    7. PressCAPLOCK, dude, did you even read your title mistake and try fixing it?


      How lazy are you????

    8. yes been doing it for years you idiot start researching start with point shaving, research first you see it all the time . Even FBI busted that referee in NBA they all worked together he explained was under orders to fix Games look up his name first name is Tim you just saw it. you think anybody in that entire Arena didn't know the score including 5 year olds and they STOP PLAY FOR FOUL SHOTS so all know whats going on. that entire Arena all at home knew you think for an instant a Pro NBA player 2hrs in TOTALLY FORGOT WTF to do in that situation?? don't insult your own intellect. You got 7 year olds jumping up and down yelling shoot the ball come on think man. Find me one person online or in Arena or at home that though cavs were winning tthat game?? just one you tell me JR smith is only person alive who did what kind of fool are you?? POINT SHAVING!! more money controlling it then winning learn already

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