Houston Rockets vs GS Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | May 20, 2018 | NBA Playoffs



Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets – Full Game Highlights | May 20 2018, 5/20 NBA Playoffs

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Houston Rockets vs GS Warriors - Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | May 20, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

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    Houston Rockets vs GS Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | May 20, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

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    1. Scary thing is that Curry struggled first half, and they where still up by 10 points. Warriors got this. 5, 6, or 7 doesn't matter.

    2. Not a Warriors fan but I can't even lie watching the way they play team ball is a thing of beauty unlike the hideous "LeBron System"

    3. Reading these comments made me realize how much people overreact over one game. I get it, a 40 point blowout loss is crazy. The rockets played awful and with no energy or movement. But I was watching the western conference finals 2016 highlights the other day. Game 1, thunder beat warriors by 10 (at oracle, a place that they lost only like once or twice all year). Then the warriors blew the thunder out by like 30 in game 2. Then game 3 (at okc) the thunder blew the warriors out by 40. And then they blew out the warriors again by almost 30 in game 4 (at okc). So that unstoppable 73-9 warriors were down 3-1 while getting ridiculously blown out twice. That sounds like exactly what has happened in these WCF this year. Rockets lose by 10 at home. They bounce back in game 2 and win by 25. Then get blown out by 40 in game 3. Win or lose game 4, it's not over until it's over. Everyone counted out the warriors when they were down 3-1 just like people are counting out the rockets now and they ain't even down 3-1. Game 4 probably is a must win for the rockets, but who knows? Warriors have blown a 3-1 lead before so who's to say it doesn't happen again

    4. People bitch all the time if it's a blowout or not but personally as a warriors fan I love nothing more then when they blow a team like the loud mouth rockets out the water. Made my night. People hate on the warriors and durant so much it's pathetic. The warriors built there superstar team basically by themselves all by draft picks. The only recent addition was durant, the rest of there superstars were draft picks made into superstars. So people can hate all they want but the warriors deserve what they got and they worked hard for it. It's just great coaching, great training, solid scouting and just all around good management. GO DUBS!!!!!!

    5. It doesn’t matter how the outcome between the warriors and rockets will be,cuz the most important thing is that we are going to see something different this year, and it’s not gonna be the warriors and the cavs again. I can’t wait to see the Celtics vs (warriors/rockets) in the finals this year.

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