[FULL] Love Out Loud with DonKiss

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[FULL] Love Out Loud with DonKiss

Video credits to Popular on YouTube – Philippines YouTube channel

Lazada Philippines

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    [FULL] Love Out Loud with DonKiss

    Comments 37

    1. Next breakout loveteam na talaga to πŸ’– grabe di pa nag uumpisa ipalabas mga projects nila together, nakka-thousand likes na mga vids. Pano pa kung nagka-solo projects pa sila as leads diba. Sobrang cute. And sana wg nila madaliin maging sweet sa isa't isa coz that's what makes them (more) uniquely nakakkilig among the new generation loveteams of today ☺

    2. Hayyyysss.. Nakakakilig naman. Grabeee ngayon lang ako naghanap ng ganap ng DonKiss dahil nabusy din sa work. Grabee Grabee naman ang kilig sobra. Buong video e nakangiti ka lang at nakatawa at kilig. Akala ko dati snob si Donny kay Kisses (dahil aside form di pa sila ganun ka close e ang daming fans na iba rin ang shiniship) pero hindi naman pala. Sobrang bait nia pala ang caring kay Kisses. At sobrang grabe talaga ang chemistry. And I love how I see Kisses now. Sobrang saya nia and comfty with Donny. Halatang hindi fine-fake talagang comfty na siya kay Donny. Salamat Donny. Whoaaaaa #DonKiss lang sapat na.

    3. Ha ha ha ha kisses LIKE lang usapan, bat LOVE na nabanggit mo sa i love your nose donny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ kween ha?? Palusot kapa tlgaπŸ˜‚

    4. Fact: at 0:5 to 0:07 Donny raised his eyebrows in split seconds, is a known fact and indication tjat a giy is into you. Already know thing, the tilt of tje head of Donny to the side is already a yes. Guys know this. Fact, Donny is interested in Kisses, not sure how much but his actions give him away

    5. KILIG OVERLOADED! Oops, nadulas si Kisses sa "I LOVE your nose!" hehehe You really cannot deny how this pair jives or get along well, SO NATURAL. They are so happy when together. Di bale Kisses, kahit twice natusok ang puso mo because of your corny joke, still Donny is proud of you. Obviously, nagpatalo talga si Donny in contrast s pagiging competitive niya with other girls with challenges like this. Kisses is right when she said that Donny is a real gentleman. DonKiss LT is so lovable. Who would not love them?

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