Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals Game 4 Full Highlights | June 8, 2018

NBA Finals Game 4 Highlights, enjoy!


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Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals Game 4 Full Highlights | June 8, 2018

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    Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals Game 4 Full Highlights | June 8, 2018

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    1. Worst, Bullshit, Boring, and getting screwed Finals EVER. GSW didn't win it, the REFS DID. NBA, please fire KD, Curry, and Kurt because nobody loves them, their pussies, they cheat cause their kids by not winning fairly. If not then I would dream of ISIS killing them

    2. A lot of people that was wearing LeBron Cavalier jerseys, wasn't winning when the last fo' games wuz being played. A lot of LeBronze was uneducated and got SWEPT!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!

    3. And of course LeBron does his interview with his right hand bandaged claiming he was playing with a broken hand. He is such a loser!!!!

    4. Will queen james try to transfer to the warriors next year? what a baby.. running to the back soon as the game ended.. WHAT'S WRONG, SIS.. AFRAID SOMEONES STEALING YOUR PURSE?

    5. lebron would leave the cavs, maybe in thunder to make a superteam with russ? or lakers with lonzo. 76ers with joel and ben? or someshit

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