Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals Game 1 Highlights | May 31, 2018

NBA Finals Game 1 Highlights, enjoy!


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Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals Game 1 Highlights | May 31, 2018

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    Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals Game 1 Highlights | May 31, 2018

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    1. silly debate. Clearly Michael is better, it's not even close , but let's go to the facts . Updated after LeBron's 14 season. Michael Jordan had * 3 more finals MVP * 1 more Defensive Player of the Year * 1 more season MVP * 9 more scoring titles * 3 more steals leader for season * 3 more All Defensive team selections * 4000 more points / LeBron moved past him in playoff points , but it took him longer * 800 more steals * MJ beat 20 50+ win teams in the playoffs ( LeBron only has defeated 10) *Jordan never averaged less than 40% FG in the finals LeBron has averaged less than 40% twice * MJ 6 for 6 in the Finals LeBron 3 for 5 MJ never even allowed a Game 7 * Jordan never had a teammate average more than 22 points a game the Finals, not even Pippen (LeBron had Kyrie Irving who averaged 28 and D Wade who averaged 26 ) MJ had more points in the playoffs in less games All of this he accomplished in 13 seasons vs LeBron in his 14th season is still chasing " The ghost that played in Chicago" * MJ in the playoffs has put up at least 40 PPG, 5 RPG, 5 APG in 6 different playoff series , Along with an average of 55% shooting, 3.0 SPG, and 2.0 BPG ( 86' vs BOS , '89 vs CAVS, '90 vs PHI , '92 vs MIA , '93 vs SUNS, '88 vs CAVS ) Jordan won everyone of those matchups except for the '86 vs BOS MJ in 88-89 Averaged 32 PPG , 8.0 APG , 3.0 SPG, and had 54% shooting….LeBron has never done this MJ lowest FT% 78% is LeBron's Highest 78% MJ shocked the league by being the first player and only player to have 100 blocks and 200 steals in a season twice …LeBron not even in one season MJ did it back to back seasons MJ in only 11 complete seasons with the Bulls 10 straight scoring titles Won Defensive Player of the Year 9 times all Defensive team 9 times all NBA 5 league MVP 6 Finals MVP MJ has done in 11seasons things LeBron has not done and will never do his whole career .. conclusion MJ is still the GOAT

    2. Hate LeBron to death but still felt bad 4 him though that might of been the greatest finals game ever truly out there by his self he deserves a ring w the warriors when they win it this year cause he play in his was off and I don't even like LeBron but he a BEAST A real Gorrilla on the court play in wit Possems (cause possems play dead lol)like J.R. Smith don't trip through j.r. we would've won any way. THE SERIES THAT IS.GO WARRIORS AND MY SIXERS NEZT YEAR ON THE RISE 2 THEY GOT NEXT

    3. G.S. Warriors of Oakland are the "GREATEST" team of all time n any sport FUCK Mj bulls,kobe&shaq lakers,bird celtics,magic lakers,&Russell Celtics and brons heat. The warriors won b4 they had Durant and after a and this would b 4 straight rings if it wasn't 4 that 3-1 comeback we let LeBron have so it would b interesting Lakers had Kobe and shaq all nba 1st team has only had 1 Durant Lakers w magic had 4 all stars and igudala won mvp of the first finals shaq won every year for Lakers Mj every year 4 bulls bird Celtics & magic did every year I think 4 Lakers where versatile ,deep and "The Greatest"ever like Muhammad ali

    4. I love the Cavs but that shit from JR was disappointing af! Dude went all the way out the key for what?! He could’ve put it back up at least then we could’ve said he tried if he didn’t make the basket. Dumbass clearly didn’t look at the scoreboard smfh between JR’s drunk ass and that big ass giant Tristian, Lebron has no help. KLove from time to time puts in a lil work tho

    5. Exceptional teamwork and skills for Golden State. And as a GS fan I'm beyond happy they win. But much much respect for Bron. He definitely earned the respect he deserves.

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