Cavaliers Players In SHOCK After Winning Game 7 vs Celtics & Advancing To The NBA Finals

► Cavaliers Players In SHOCK After Game 7 vs Celtics & Advancing To The NBA Finals. Cavaliers @ Celtics game 7 postgame reactions.


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Cavaliers Players In SHOCK After Winning Game 7 vs Celtics & Advancing To The NBA Finals

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    Cavaliers Players In SHOCK After Winning Game 7 vs Celtics & Advancing To The NBA Finals

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    1. All the players who put in little effort due to not getting much play time enjoying this, all around the trophy, the players deep in the trenches all sitting, resting, icing, thinking about how they much they've done knowing the job ain't over. lets go cavs!

    2. G.Hill & J.Green only ones who really know this is their chance to get a championship while bron is still here, sitting there thinking they really have to step it up a notch in the finals

    3. If Bron 🤔 wins chpshp with this I won't be watching BBALL for a year (while KP recovered) I'll just watch reminds to galvanise my belief that Heis the GOAT..Mike couldn't win with the wizards.but Bron doing it with Buz-buzzard crew.i May not ç another like him till another volcanic eruption 😊🤗🤔 and please don't mention Kobe B. In any phrase or sentence 🤗 he would be pouting chucking and choking.while berating his teammates should I say more 🤗

    4. I'm not even a Leborn fan but I rather see him win a chip this year more than anything. He deserves it, no doubt about it. I hope rockets win today so cavs have a chance at least.

    5. james played 12game like a beast to carrying all these bunch of nothing to the final and then he will face houston or golden if they want to have this champ they must play like big pig and give bron some fckkk help.

    6. Yo regardless of all the talk that this team trash, you gotta think again man. The improvement these guys made from when they were put together is really fast and tangible. Not only that but playing against stronger teams in the playoffs and two of them going to game seven has only made them stronger and fast tracked their growth as a team.

    7. The Cavaliers acting like they won the championship and beat a good team without kyrie irving and Haywood!!🤣🤣🤣🤣wait till they play a real team from the west!!!warriors! For the sweep!!!!🤣🤣🤣😈

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